Family Slideshow

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

Last year we made some little "gingerbread houses" out of graham crackers. This year we bought some gingerbread kits that were on sale because we waited til after Christmas. Hannah was working on some gingerbread cookie pops:

Micah was working on decorating a gingerbread house that came pre-assembled:

Jeremiah got a gingerbread house that came un-assembled, so he got to assemble it first and then decorate it:

Here is Micah's decorated house:

Here are Hannah's gingerbread cookie pops:

And here are a couple shots of Jeremiah's gingerbread house:

We also got a mini gingerbread village, but we haven't worked on it yet. It is supposed to make 5 little houses or whatever, and we thought since we are a family of 5 that we each could do one. So we are waiting for an evening when daddy is able to participate! The kids have been just having a blast with these though!

Friday, January 1, 2010


.......that is what my goal is for the new year!! Learning how to balance everything : reading my Bible, praying, being a wife, being a mom, housekeeping, excercising, homeschooling, trying to find time to enjoy a few "fun" things. It all sounds overwhelming doesn't it? What are your goals for the New Year??