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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Orange Julius

Once in a while I just have to make Orange Julius. It's such a yummy treat!

In a blender add 1C. milk, 1C. water, 1/2 of a 12oz. can of frozen orange juice concentrate, 1/2C. sugar, and a teaspoon of vanilla. Blend this together and then add 2C. of small ice cubes and set blender to ice crush setting to blend this in.

Pour into glasses and enjoy!

Just make sure you don't stick your finger in the blender while it is running! (don't ask me how I know this!) I didn't do it today, but have done it in the past and had stitches in my finger for something I knew better but didn't think my finger was far enough down. I was just going to tap down some ice cubes really quick and next thing my oldest child is calling my husband to come take me to the hospital for stitches! I can safely say I've never poked anything down with my finger in the blender ever since!


feather k said...

yummy! isn't it kinda funny that no matter what you make, if it needs vanilla--it's always a teaspoon? thanks for stopping by!

Lani said...

Stopping by from sits:) IU haven't had an orange julius in YEARS and now you are making me think about it:)

Brenda Jean said...

MMMMMMM I love Orange Julius-- I remember buying them in the mall! I think I need to make some now:) Thanks!