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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fun in the Sun!!

Okay, well it may have been more work than fun, BUT it was nice to get out in the sun the other day on like the only day we've had sun all week!! Hannah and I decided to go out and rake leaves together.

She decided she wanted to take some pictures of

in that one I am headless and then there were a few I had to delete because her finger was in front of the lens, but she was rather excited when she got this one:

She was having fun being a photographer nonetheless! We also had some fun throwing leaves at each other, but there is no way to take pictures of that! We had fun though and were glad we got out while the weather was nice!


Jessica Hilton said...

The pictures of Hannah are really good! You do a great job with the camera. I also like the way you show step-by-step instructions for your recipes! So helpful for a dunce like me... :) Jessica said...

nice preparation.....nice stuff