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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like............

THANKSGIVING!!! Sorry if I let anyone down who may have been looking for Christmas!! We don't do Christmas until after Thanksgiving here!

It is pie central around here today! Here is a pumpkin pie:

And a pecan pie:

And a blackberry pie (hubby's favorite):

This will be a French Silk Pie once I get the whipped cream and chocolate curls on it:

This will be a Reese's pie once I add the whipped cream and Reese's p.b. cups:

And this is a banana cream pie that needs whipped cream yet (my husband put in a plug for my father-in-law for this one!

So that's what I've been up to all day! I just need to whip up some whipping cream and put on all the finishing touches. I don't usually make this many pies, but I was showing Randy my list of possible pies I was willing to make and told him I was one pie pan short if I was going to make all the pies on the list. I asked, "Which ones should I make?" ......and what does he do?.......he wheels the shopping cart over to buy me another pie I got put on "pie patrol" for making all 6 I guess!! If I think of it, maybe I'll post pictures once the cream pies get their finishing touches. But for now I have to run!

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Sandy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!