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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Loose Tooth

Micah finally lost his first tooth! It seems like it took him forever! Jeremiah lost his first tooth on his 6th birthday, and Hannah lost hers on her first day of kindergarten this year at age 5. Micah is 7 and will be 8 in March, so we kept teasing him about when he would lose his first tooth and FINALLY he lost it. It was kind of funny because he was eating cereal one morning and said,"What happened to my tooth?". I said,"Did you swallow it when you were sleeping lastnight?". He said,"No, it was there when I woke up." So I inquired,"Did you swallow it with your cereal?" (as he and Jeremiah were eating a bowl of cereal) And this look of worry came across his face. Then I recalled a few minutes ago when he spit out a "hard piece of cereal" and asked him, "Where's that hard piece of cereal you spit out?" Of course upon examining it- it was his tooth!!!

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Cyndi aka... Cynthia or Jaws if you are around my daddy :-) said...

I really like this story :-) We can relate! Our oldest just had his last baby tooth pulled by the dentist at the age of 12 1/2 :-) His brother that is 11 has no baby teeth left and his next brother that is 9 only has a couple left.

You are doing great with your blog!! I have you on my blog list now, so I can check in from time to time :-) God Bless!!!