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Thursday, November 20, 2008


I was fixing a roasted chicken for supper lastnight and upon using the last of a bottle of rotisserie chicken seasoning, I went to my spices to get a new one out. So here I am sprinkling my chicken and I am starting to notice a slightly different shade of color appearing (??) hmmm....I just bought a new rotisserie chicken seasoning, so why is the color looking like it is old or something? I look at the bottle and realize...duh, this is cajun seasoning! So I tried rubbing off what I could (which thankfully wasn't very much) and I got out the right stuff. Certain parts of the chicken did still have a bit of a cajun taste, but it actually ended up being a hit!

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photozmom said...

THAT is how new recipes are created !!! you just never know ! Glad it was okay and didn't ruin your supper:O)