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Friday, February 6, 2009

Sledding Fun!

Lastnight was a sledding night with the Marion Homeschool Program at Squaw Creek Park. I put my husband in charge of the camera lastnight and these were the only 2 pictures he took!! Although I wish I would have had it when HE went down the hill (the smaller one) STANDING UP on the sled!! It was rather comical I must say!
We started out the night going down the BIG hill. Micah took the little green saucer down the hill by himself while the remaining 4 of us piled on the blue sled and FLEW down the hill. This made me question whether or not I wanted to do anymore sledding the rest of the evening or not! I sat out a couple and watched my adventurous husband from the top of the hill. Then the kids wanted to take a trip down on the blue sled so I loaded them up and gave them a push. Half way down they hit a bump that sent them falling off the sled. I wondered if they were alright because Randy started his normal over-animated "You guys o.k.? How bad is it?" which gets me going! Don't get me wrong, I have concern for my kids too, but my concern is a more calmer concern. Anyone who knows Randy knows he is very animated and so by the time he starts in, you are sitting there thinking *o.k. do we need there a broken arm....broken leg....* and then you find out that everyone is o.k. and it is just daddy that needs to settle down.
After a couple trips down the BIG hill, the kids and I are ready to try the small hill! WOW, what a difference! I could do this hill a hundred times! Randy on the other hand (Mr. Adventurous) is bored and ready to go home. I'm like- the kids are just now starting to have fun! (without fearing their life!) Go get some hot chocolate and sit down and relax! Anyway, I've probably rambled on long enough, but we all had a blast by the end of the evening. The kids were talking about it all the way home. It was a highlight for them because we haven't done much all winter!

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ABC's of Gardners said...

That was funny Jane! My husband would have done the same with the whole taking 2 pictures. I really never understand why when we give them one simple task it can be so hard to do. Then we on the other hand are expected to do 3-5 things at once without being asked or reminded.. God did make man and woman different..