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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Here are the most recent photos for "America's Most Wanted". Has anyone seen these people lately? If so, you are encouraged not to take action yourself as they may be armed and dangerous. Let the law enforcement handle it!
The kids had a field trip to the Marion Police Department today as well as the Marion Fire Department. I was unable to get more pictures because apparently nobody else brought their cameras so I was instantly the "camera lady" taking pictures of their kids too! But they got to get their mugshots taken, sit in the police car, and see the K9 dog. Then they got to see some firetrucks and see a fireman get dressed up in his full gear. They were so excited! They were all trying to tell daddy everything all at once and I couldn't hardly get a word in edgewise!


photozmom said...

What a really neat field trip! And... Welcome to my world. Before long people will LEAVE their cameras at home because "Jane will have hers!!" BUT... That's okay cause WE have the pictures !!!! :O)

Aunt Sharon said...

Hey, I think I've seen those criminals but it was way out east a summer ago.