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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

12 Years of Marriage

We celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary on Sunday (June 14). I was going to post this sooner, but I was hoping to scan in a few pictures from our wedding day. However, I couldn't get our scanner to work the other night and Randy was going to mess with it lastnight, but the boys wanted him to take them fishing. So for now I just have a current picture. I'm not sure where the last 12 years have went, but it's been great spending them with the love of my life. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, and He has blessed us both with 3 wonderful children. I look forward to many more years of marriage to my handsome red-head.


photozmom said...

Congratulations !!! Go ahead and post your wedding pics when Rand gets the scanner working! I would love to see them !!! Have a wonderful THIRTEENTH year !!!

. sarah . said...

Happy Anniversary Randy and Jane!!