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Monday, June 29, 2009

Be VERY Careful What You Say on Facebook....

I had written a post on Facebook on Friday that read like this : I NEED SOME CHOCOLATE!!! After all it was one of those days and for anyone who knows me, I am a chocoholic! But little did I know that one of our deacons from church (Don Zimmerman) had read this and was calling his wife at the grocery store to have her buy a chocolate bar. This deacon is the guy who hands out the bulletins at our church and when I got mine on Sunday, I sat down and opened it up and found this:

That Don may look sweet and innocent, but he is a sneaky little stinker!!! The funny thing was that Randy asked to see the bulletin and I said," I'm not sharing my bulletin, there's a chocolate bar in there!" He actually figured it out before I did that it came from the post that I wrote on Facebook. I was sitting there trying to figure out why there was a chocolate bar in there and he said,"Maybe they saw what you wrote on Facebook." Well, he was right! Between Sunday School and Morning Service Don's wife Kathy said, "You better be careful what you wish for on Facebook!" What a sweet couple!

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photozmom said...

THAT IS SO NEAT !!! AND...What a blessing to have someone so "intune" be an encouragement to others !!!! Great Post !!!!!