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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Field Trip Time!

Well, it's field trip time again! We had 2 field trips this week. One was to Super Target:

Which was rather fun and interesting learning how many sandwiches were made in the deli and how many cakes were made in the bakery. We also got to tour the "back rooms" where they store the meat and dairy, the extra stock of groceries, and the extra supply of other things they sell at Target. After the tour we all sat down to a complimentary cookie and an Icee.

The other field trip was on "Honeybees" and took place at Indian Creek Nature Center. Here Hannah is holding a stuffed animal one:

And here the kids are standing in front of real live ones that are behind glass:

(by the way, they are standing on a step.......yes, Jeremiah is tall, but not THAT tall!!

And here are the bees:

And to complete the trip, we bought some honey to take home!

It was a fun week with both field trips and we look forward to the ones to come!

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