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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our roadtrip yesterday.....

Can anyone guess where we went for our roadtrip yesterday? Well my wonderful husband has been on ebay a LOT lately pondering over 4 wheelers. He bid on one that was down in Kentucky and he won it! The owner (Justin Basham) was wonderful to work with as he was willing to meet us halfway to save us the cost of having it shipped. So early Monday morning everyone got up and we were on our way down to Wentzville, Missouri for the day! While Randy was visiting with Justin, I was playing with our GPS to see what was around for restaurants. I thought....*hmmmm, I wonder if there are any Cracker Barrels around*. So I typed it into the GPS and found one in St. Charles. Once Randy and the kids got back in the truck and he looked over and saw his wife batting her eyes at him he said to the kids- "Looks like mom's up to something"

Looks like the batting of the eyes won. I FINALLY got to go to a Cracker Barrel! I kept hearing all the time how good they are and I finally got to go to one! It was excellent!

Jeremiah and I were "fighting" over who would get the HUGE Hershey bar! For those who don't know, I am a chocoholic. I figure it's better than being an alcoholic! And of the 3 kids, Jeremiah seems to have picked up the chocolate gene too. His eating likes are almost identical to mine while Micah's are almost identical to Randy! And we're not sure about Hannah yet. Anyway, Jeremiah and I were able to refrain from purchasing the chocolate bar!

Then lo and behold, what was nearby but a Bass Pro Shop store! Of course we HAD to go there!
We had fun looking around in there and Randy was a good little boy. The only thing he bought was some straps to tie down the 4 wheeler with for the trip home! Needless to say we all had a blast on our little road trip to Missouri!


photozmom said...

What a WONDERFUL day you had !!!I can't believe you have NEVER been to Cracker Barrel! Isn't it great !!!!!

sarah said...

Looks like a fun inpromptu trip :)

Merry Christmas Jane!