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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Toffee Time!

boiling the mixture, then adding the nuts

pour into pan

score into bars, then dunk into chocolate

here they are!!!

It's that time of year for doing my holiday baking and candy making! This is my toffee which are almost like little Heath bars. It is one of the favorites among the goodie plates we give to nieghbors/family/friends.
More goodies to come..........


photozmom said...

Oh Jane, They look SOOOOO good ! I love that kind of thing ! Yummmm! Hope to see you Saturday!

Prachar family said...

Okay, its hard to type with drool on the keyboard! WOW, looks good. May have to get that recipe from you...not that I have time to bake, but toffee is Paul's very favorite treat!

Coffee Bean said...

Wow..that toffee looks YUMMY! Wish I was one of the lucky family or friends it went to!!! ;)