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Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!

When we got up this morning, this was the snow in front of the patio door.

It was 7 1/2"

Then I got ready to go out to start cleaning the snow off the deck and I couldn't even get out the door! I had Randy get me a yardstick so I could measure the drift in front of our porch door.

It was almost 17 inches!

Here is a picture after I finally found a path out the door!

Here is Randy with the snowblower! (the easy job)

So guess who got the shovel? (the hard job)

Actually Randy offered to help with the deck, but I being the farm girl that I am, was having fun getting a good workout removing snow.

Am I done yet? Oh yeah, one more deck to go!

Wait a minute....what's he doing? Sitting in the van talking on the cell phone? O.K. how about the kids?

Ohhhh, must be nice! Sound asleep in bed.

And the other on is sound asleep in OUR bed. Little stinkers!


photozmom said...

Great post! Man that was A LOT of snow !!! We just got ice ( mainly in the form of sleet) I am having a hard time posting.... HOW did you get your post up ??? I have tried through Blogger and picasa both !!!

Porters said...

Does it have anything to do with your weather?