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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Recipe Request for Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

Here is the recipe you requested Jessica!

8 qt. box instant dry milk
6 oz. powdered coffee creamer
15 oz. Nestle Quick drink mix
2 C. powdered sugar

Dump all ingredients into a large bowl and mix thoroughly. Store in a tightly sealed container. (I use a cleaned out ice cream bucket) To use: Measure 1/3 C. mix into a mug of hot water.

It does cost a bit to put this together, but it lasts through the whole winter. If anyone has any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

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Coffee Bean said...

Alex got a MR Coffee hot cocoa maker for Christmas..we have been going through A LOT of hot cocoa..Jeff bought 6 boxes on sale tonight...I am going to try your recipe.